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Asia Asset Finance PLC (AAFL) is a Registered Finance Company (RFC) founded in 1970, formerly known as “Finance and Land Sales.” Following the company being fully acquired and re-structured by Asia Capital PLC in 2004, the company was rebranded as Asia Asset Finance PLC. With over 45 years of experience, Asia Asset Finance PLC is one of the most investor-friendly companies in Sri Lanka, bringing multiple - often unique - products and services, new fiscal perspectives, long experience and well-honed financial skills to all we do. Backed by the financial strength of the Muthoot Finance Ltd, Asia Asset Finance PLC's innovative approach together with its business acumen has ensured stability and sustainability.

Asia Asset Finance PLC has conquered un-chartered territories with a varied product mix. This is truly unique to a local finance company. Our diversity in terms of product variations coupled with our unique expertise makes us stand out in the market. We do not rest on our laurels as we strive further to create the difference with product innovations. Thereby, we can be truly defined as different in the financial landscape of the country.

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