Foreign Exchange

Get your Foregin Exchange transactions sorted!

At Asia Asset Finance you can get your Foreign Exchange Transactions done in a flash! Just walk over to one of our counters with your cash and let the trading happen.

So, here is how Forex works. In the simplest form of describing it, it is the act of selling one currency to buy another. These are always quoted in pairs- that is, how much one unit of base(bought) currency is in terms of quote (sold) currency.

With our professional advice, and constant on our toes approach, watch your wealth multiply.

Currency Code Currency Name

Buy Rate in LKR

 Sell Rate in LKR

USD United State Dollar     200.00     235.00
AUD Australian Dollar     145.00     145.00
CAD Canadian Dollar     155.00     155.00
EUR Euro     230.00     230.00
GBP Pound Sterling     270.00     270.00